Residential clients

With our services, you quickly and easily realize
your individual vision of energy sustainability

"Turnkey" solution
by Sonnis Energy

We offer a “turnkey” solution and accompany you throughout the implementation of your photovoltaic system, ensuring that it meets your wishes and needs.

• Your needs come first 

Our photovoltaic systems are tailored to your wishes.

• Sustainable and future-oriented

Sustainable energy supply is our driving force! We will be happy to advise you on how to optimally use the energy produced on site. In doing so, we consider the future possible use of charging stations for electric vehicles or heat pumps.

• Quality 

The focus of our team is on quality and reliability – from the selection of components to installation and grid connection.

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Individual support for your project

• Consultation on project documents and communication with all institutions

From A to Z – we take care of your project and prepare it from the first consultation, through the administrative path to the exploitation phase. And your job is to enjoy your new photovoltaic system.

• We are your trusted partner after the project is completed

If you still have questions about your photovoltaic system after the project is complete, we are happy to help. We always have a solution for your wishes and intentions, for extensions or questions about other systems.

• We act on conviction 

Our daily work is in line with our worldview and our convictions. This helps us to support you, full of ambition and motivation, and to make sure you never run out of energy.

Your advantages with a photovoltaic system
by Sonnis Energy

Cost effectiveness

Reduce energy costs and increase
property value


Minimising financial and
geopolitical risks


Your contribution to a sustainable
future and climate protection