Programme for Investments in Technological and Environmental Modernisation of Agricultural Holdings

The programme of the Fund for the promotion of technological and environmental transition provides for the provision of support to farmers for the implementation of targeted investments, for the purchase of tangible and intangible assets for the implementation of activities ensuring the protection of environmental components and mitigating the effects of climate change, introducing innovative production and digital technologies, technologies for production and organization in agriculture, for the automation of work processes.

The procedure aims to provide timely support to Bulgarian farmers, in the form of grants, to quickly recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, overcome the problems that hinder the competitiveness and sustainability of the agricultural sector and accelerate its adaptation to climate change, the greening of production, digital transformation, improving genetic resources.

Expected launch: June 2023.

Eligible applicants:
Financial support is granted to registered farmers and to applicant groups or producer organisations recognised by the Minister for Agriculture, whose members are farmers only.

What is financed?
Technological and ecological modernisation of the different phases of the production processes in crop and livestock farming
Supply and installation of electronic control equipment for all processes, systems and equipment (including software and/or hardware) for the collection, processing and analysis of data – including information from the various phases of cultivation, production, storage and marketing of agricultural products
Supply and installation of equipment and installations for the production of biofuels or renewable energy on farms for own consumption.
In the case of investments in the production of heat and electricity from renewable sources on agricultural holdings, the production facilities shall serve only their own needs and their production capacity shall not exceed the equivalent of the farm’s combined average annual consumption of heat and electricity.

How can we support you?
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